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The Seasons-Winter in the Hocking Hills

Winter 2005   Heart of Hocking Online Newsletter-Information about the Hocking Hills


What's in this newsletter:

-Coupons! The Season on Specials-Each season, local businesses have the chance of offering specials to visitors in the Hocking Hills Region. 

-2006 Hocking Hills State Park Programs.

-Fun things to do in the Hocking Hills in Winter

-Winter Hike 2006

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41st Annual Winter Hike    

January 21

Continuous starts from 9-11 AM

Enjoy winters splendor on this 6-mile trek from Old Manís Cave to Ash Cave.  Layered clothing and good footwear recommended.  Refreshments are available at Cedar Falls for a donation.  A shuttle bus returns hikers to Old Manís Cave.


Sweethearts Hike   

February 11    5-7 PM

Meet at the Ash Cave parking lot.  Take your sweetheart for a romantic stroll to Ash Cave in the soft light of dusk.  Afterwards, enjoy a cozy fire and refreshments.

Maple Sugaring in the Hills

March 11&12   12-4 PM

Join us at the Naturalist Cabin located behind the Old Manís Cave Visitor Center.  Savor the taste of the season as we boil down our local maple sap.  Discover the many methods used throughout history to make this tasty treat.  Free samples are available.


Wildflowers and Waterfalls

Hike     April 21

10 AM

Observe natureís carpet of wildflowers and sparkling waterfalls in beautiful Hocking Hills.  Meet at the parking lot at Ash Cave.

Frontier Trail Hike  May 6

12-4 PM

Explore the history of the Hocking Hills region with a walk back through time dramatized by costumed interpreters along Ash Cave trail.


Hocking Valley Birding Trail Presents: International Migratory Bird Weekend May 12-14

Times and locations will varyÖsee the flier,

Join with several area naturalist and birders along the Hocking Valley Birding Trail route for a variety of programs, hikes and events to celebrate the return of our avian friends.


Star Seekers Shower Search      August 11

Starts at 8 PM (weather permitting)

Bring a blanket or your favorite lawn chair and come on up to the Hocking Hills Dining Lodge.  Spend a night under the stars while we watch the Persied meteor shower and explore the planets, comets, and other mysteries of the night sky.


Grandma Gatewoodís Fall Colors Hike     October 14

1:00 PM                                    

Bring along a cool drink and celebrate the seasonís colors.  Meet with the naturalist at the Old Manís Cave Visitor Center for a strenuous hike that spans roughly 6 miles of the Grandma Gatewood trail.   We will be traversing the section that runs from Old Manís Cave to Cedar Falls and back while enjoying the scenic beauty and cultural personality.  This hike does include several hills and steps and is not recommended for the easily winded individual.  (Approx. 3to4 hrs)

Halloween Campout           October 27 & 28

Registered campers can enjoy a hayride, pumpkin decorating, food, night hike, campfire, costume & site judging, and trick or treat at Old Manís Cave campground.  Regular camping fees apply.


Christmas in Ash Cave      December 9  

5 Ė 7 PM

Step away from the hectic holiday season and come bundled for the weather while enjoying a lighted stroll back to Ash Cave.  Once you arrive at the cave warm with refreshments by an open fire.  Listen to or join with our carolers, have the kids visit with an old fashion Santa or help to decorate our Christmas tree for wildlife.





Other Area Events!


November 29-10

December 5-6

-Cookie Baking at the Inn at Cedar Falls-1-800-65-Falls-Call for reservations.



December 10 - 5 pm to 7 pm

Christmas in Ash Cave-Free-Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park-Meet Santa in the cave and help decorate a tree for wildlife.

Questions? (740) 385-8003

Here is an example of our seasonal newsletter!

You have to wonder-why go to the Hocking Hills in Winter?

A hiker steps gingerly along the uneven sandstone steps leading to a small, sheltered plateau about 1/4 mile into Old Man's Cave. I see him coming from my perch on the trail above him at what has been aptly nicknamed "The Overlook".  It has snowed during the night and I had scrambled out of bed early to try to get some photos of Old Man's Cave before the trails were heavy with hikers. I like the thrill of being the first there, of seeing fresh pure snow not trudged and browned by boots. And taking in the forest before the tranquil air is noisy with others curious to see the hills wearing their Winter whites. But maybe I had arrived later than I thought because the world around Old Man's Cave seemed to be already awakening with the reverberation of other visitors.

The hiker ambles closer. Snow sticks to the bottom of the hiker's boots and makes a soft crunching sound when he walks. But I can't hear it, those boots leaving a size 10 print in the snow.  In tow, he has eleven or so boys of various shapes and sizes clambering along the trail tossing snowballs, laughing loudly, discussing how they could shove one unsuspecting boy's face into a particularly large snow bank. The group looks chaotic, a tiny ball of commotion rolling through the hemlock-lined trails deep within Old Man's Cave. They burst the peaceful air of the recess cave with the same ferocity of a  baseball-size snowball crashing through a stained glass window. What was once a tranquil walkway now bears a significant resemblance to a junior high school hallway during class change.

It's 20 degrees and while the lead hiker stops to catch his breath, tiny puffs of white clouds slip from his lips.  He pauses long enough to turn and look out into the sweeping basin below and takes in a sharp breath, pointing toward the  group below him, "Hey, guys, stop for a minute. Look."

For a moment, it appears the boys will pass him by continuing to wrestle one smaller boy to the ground. But they stop, turn and for a moment, all is quiet. You expect a groan or roll of eyes from the group. But there is only silence as each looks out over the blanket of fresh snow covering the landscape below and to a huge mound of ice formed from a waterfall. Silence. Only the cool whistle of wind through the sandstone nook where the lead hiker stands flows through the air.

"Hey, I wonder if anybody's ever snowboarded down that thing." 90 seconds later, the silence is broken. It is one of the boys and he is referring to the frozen waterfall. For a moment, eleven or so boys' and one leader's eyes gleam as if they are actually considering the idea. I think about slip-sliding down the waterfall too.  But suddenly they come to their senses.  One of the boys whines that his little toe is numb and quite possibly falling off. And once again the frenzied ball of boys resume their ear-shattering progression along the trail.

I pull out my digital camera and take a shot of the frozen waterfall. I can still hear the echoes of the boys far up the trail and contemplate the awesome view that had kept eleven or so thirteen year old boys silent for an entire 90 seconds. The picture in the view finder doesn't give the scene justice. There is something missing in the image and I realize it is the sounds and scents and even the feel of the cold air smacking at my cheeks.  I wish I could have captured the exact moment in time the lead hiker had raised his hand toward the falls below and eleven or so boys had turned their eyes toward the view within. But no camera could have pull that one off.  You simply can't capture the whole spirit of the moment even on the most expensive digital camera.

I sigh, wondering how many millions of visitors to the park have been completely blown away by this same view and realize my little toe is numb too. Then I shrug and follow the size ten boot trail toward the top of the cave.  

6 Great Places to Stay.

6 Great Specials for Staying.

3 Great Things to Do in the Hocking Hills In Winter

1 Go sledding.

Lake Logan State Park dam (near Hocking Hills State Park)

Sledders can use the dam at Lake Logan and there is plenty of parking at the dam parking lot right off of State Route 664. How to get to Lake Logan:  To get to Lake Logan, folks can take State Route 33 East from Columbus to the Logan Bremen Exit which is State Route 664. Turn right. The Lake Logan Dam parking lot is about 1/4
mile down on the right.

 Lake Hope State Park dam

Sledders can use the dam which is located right off State Route 278.  How to get to Lake Hope: Take 270 to Route 33 South through Lancaster and down to Nelsonville and State Route 278.  Take 278 South to Lake Hope State Park. (1.5 hours)

2 HIKE. The park is open all year long so you can hike from dawn to dusk 365 days a year in the Hocking Hills. If you like the waterfalls at Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls in summer, you'll love to see them frozen to a blue glaze in winter. There are beautiful panoramic views at Conkle's Hollow and  Cantwell Cliffs and Rock House have unique features (Ever heard of Fat Woman's Squeeze?).  But watch out for slippery trails and don't get close to cliff edges!  We suggest wearing ice cleats. More here. . .


3 Find Your Adventure. Both Hocking Hills State Park and Lake Hope State Park have naturalist events all year long. From programs Ohio Birds of Prey to night hikes, there are plenty of outdoor activities to explore. Backpack at Zaleski forest or mountain bike at Lake Hope State Park. You can even discover a ghost or two around the region-

And don't forget to Book a Weekend Getaway during Winter Hike!

Winter Hike is on January 21, 2006. 41 years ago, the first hikers came to Hocking Hills State Park to feast their eyes on Winter's touch on Old Man's Cave lead by Norv Hall, Park Naturalist. Year after year since, hardy hikers have shunned frozen toes and three layers of clothing seeming to add four extra pounds to take the hike from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls and then Ash Cave.

Hikers must be at the starting point between 9 am and 11 am which will be near the Visitor Center Parking Lot at Old Man's Cave on State Route 664. Assembled hikers will depart continuously between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Park officials will provide return transportation from Ash Cave to Old Man's Cave following the event. If you're looking for a place to cozy up to the fire after the hike, better start looking soon! Cabins go quickly in the Hocking Hills to the thousands of hikers who plan on hopping in the ol' hot tub after their hike!


    Everything printed here is correct to the best of our knowledge. But we do make mistakes, so please present coupons and specials to the cabin or shop owner before purchasing or making reservations to make sure no limitations apply! But most of all, just have fun on your vacation!


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