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21 Crows doesn't want you to get lost in the crowd. That's why we offer free 1 time optimization and search engine submittal for free as part of our design package. And we don't "add" it on to our final price. It's a part of the development. We work from the inside out, making sure from start to finish that your site has every chance to succeed.

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If You Want to Discover Ohio, You've got to get to the Hills. . . Hocking Hills.  

It's amazing what a little work will do! Hocking Hills State Park simply didn't exist on the internet map. The 21 Crows Team initiated a marketing campaign that included optimization, search engine submittal and link building and within 6 months, the park website was actually exceeding many of its state level counterparts from across the US.

 The site went from 100-200 visits a month to 15,000 to 20,000 visits per month  during 2006.



Hocking Hills Cabins-

Indulge Yourself.

Get back to

nature. . .comfortably.

Hockinghillscabin.com . . .

The right text. The right design. It took both for Hocking Hills Cabins to work its way through the pack and get to the top of the rankings. 21 Crows developed the "Luxury Cabin - indulge yourself, get back to nature comfortably" theme based on this resort's character.

Within one year of development from 21 Crows, the website went from 0 site visitation to nearly 4000 actual visitors per month. . .  and growing.

As of April of 2007, it is maintaining the third listing on the first page of the highly sought after search "hocking hills cabin" on Google.



Click for larger view.







 A couple other sites that increased by thousands: 

Hocking Hills Inn




Dining Near Columbus

Nearly 2800 Visits per month initial year.




Hocking Hills Homestead - On first page of Google, "Hocking Hills"




We could sit around all day and tell you we help our customers work their way up to high placements in the search engines. But it's easier just to show you the proof.   So. . .how about a few examples of our work!

When 21 Crows took over The Inn at Cedar Falls account in early 2001-2002, the Innís sites were stagnant with the average monthly number of unique visitors at 4,643. And the visitation from the old tracking system was accomplished with a traffic tracker that actually included return visits from customers and recounted some visitors for each page visited on different browsers! 21 Crows increased the average monthly number of genuine unique visitors to 14,123! Thatís over 9,480 more possible customers per month on average!


Web Design Rankings

Hocking Hills State Park has over 3 million park visitors a year. It isn't too far-fetched to imagine at least half of those visitors are looking for cabin rentals for an overnight stay. With more than a few hundred cabin rentals offered in the region, it means for a competitive environment for cabin owners and an aggressive marketing campaign for those of us who promote these cabins. Here are just a few of the thousands of "page one" listings we have successfully marketed:


Keywords: hocking hills cabin

Five of the 10 placements on page 1 were developed by 21 Crows

Six of the ten  placements on page 2 were developed by 21 Crows



Hocking Hills (highest rated keyword in region)


Three of ten placements on the first page were developed by 21 Crows.


Four placements on the second page.


Keywords: hocking hills cabins

Four of the 10 placements on page 1 were developed by 21 Crows

Five of the ten  placements on page 2 were developed by 21 Crows

  Keywords: Hocking Hills Cabin:

Seven of the 10 placements on page 1 were developed by 21 Crows

  Three of four top listings on Kid Friendly Travel     Keywords: Cabins Hills Hocking

Three placements on the first page.

Five on page two.



Keywords: Hocking Hills Cabin:

Seven of the 10 placements on page 1 were developed by 21 Crows.

6 out of 10 on page 2

    Keywords: Hocking Hills Cabin Rental

Eight of the 10 placements on page 1 were developed by 21 Crows.

6 out of 10 on page 2


     Here's a couple more outside the realms of Hocking Hills. . .    
    Number 1 position for Glaciers End Seafood   Number 1 position for Childcare Pediatrics in Columbus, Ohio    
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